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Changes in plasma nephelometry after oral fat loading in children with normal and abnormal small intestinal morphology.
  1. M F Robards


    A standardized oral fat load has been given to 66 children having duodenal or jejunal biopsy, and to 10 children presumed normal. The rise in plasma light scattering intensity (LSI) measured by nephelometry between the fasting and 2-hour postload level (0-2 hour) showed good correlation with the small intestinal morphology in patients suspected of having coeliac disease. In those who had had recurrent diarrhoea and gastroenteritis, the fat load test did not predict small intestinal morphology. Serial studies in 5 treated patients with malabsorption showed increase in the 0-to 2-hour LSI, with corresponding improvement of small intestinal morphology and clinical state.

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