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Metabolic rate of neonates with congenital heart disease.
  1. A N Krauss,
  2. P A Auld


    Seven infants under one month of age with controlled congestive heart failure showed a mean oxygen consumption of 9-4 +/- 1-6 SD ml/kg per min, a mean respiratory quotient of 0-71 +/- 0-05 SD, and a mean metabolic rate of 63 +/- 12 SD cal/kg per 24 h. This compares with a group of infants with congenital heart disease not in heart failure with Vo2 of 6-5 +/- 1-2 SD ml/min per kg, respiratory quotient of 0-80 +/- 0-11 SD, and basal metabolic rate of 45 +/- 8 SD cal/kg per 24 h. These differences are significant (P less than 0.001). The findings of a greater metabolic rate associated with congestive heart failure are thus extended to the newborn period.

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