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Disseminated intravascular clotting in kwashiorkor.
  1. E A Hassanein,
  2. I Tankovsky


    The role of disseminated intravascular clotting (DIC) in the pathogenesis of the bleeding diathesis kwashiorkor was investigated in 22 patients. According to the severity of the clinical and haematological findings, two grades of DIC were observed. A severe grade of DIC was shown in 6 cases (5 fatal) presenting with thrombocytopenia, hypofibinogenaemia, and multiple coagulation defects, and with abnormally prolonged partial thromboplastin,prothombin, and thrombin times]. A second goups of 16 patients (7 fatal) showed a less severe grade of DIC manifested by thrombocytopenia, low fibringoen level, and a clotting factor defect shown by rpolonged prothrombin and thrombin times.

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