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Screening for inherited metabolic disease in Wales using urine-impregnated filter paper.
  1. D M Bradley


    Urine specimens from 135 295 infants have been collected on filter papers and tested for 7 abnormal urinary constituents using spot tests and paper chromatography. The method has detected 5 infants with phenylketonuria, 4 with histidinaemia, 5 with cystinuria, 5 with diabetes mellitus, and one with alcaptonuria. Transient abnormalities such as tyrosyluria, generalized aminoaciduria, cystinuria, and glycosuria have been noted. 2 phenylketonuric infants failed to excrete a detectable quantity of o-hydroxyphenlacetic acid at the time of testing. The findings show that the detection of this compound in urine is an unreliable method of screening for phenylketonuria.

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