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Urinary tract in schoolgirls with covert bacteriuria.
  1. M S McLachlan,
  2. S T Meller,
  3. E R Jones,
  4. A W Asscher,
  5. E W Fletcher,
  6. R T Mayon-White,
  7. J G Ledingham,
  8. J C Smith,
  9. H H Johnston


    During screening of 16,800 primary schoolgirls, aged 4-12 years, in Cardiff and Oxford, significant bacteriuria was found in 294 (1-7%). Intravenous urography and micturating cystography were performed in 246 of these girls. The urinary tract was abnormal in 47%. Pyelonephritis with or without vesicoureteric reflux was present in 26% and reflux without renal abnormality in a further 16%. The prevalence of pyelonephritis and reflux was independent of age. With few exeptions kidneys without pyelonephritic scars appeared to be normal in size, even when ureteric reflux was present.

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