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Treatment of hypernatraemic dehydration in infancy.
  1. A Banister,
  2. S A Matin-Siddiqi,
  3. G W Hatcher


    Thirty-eight infants with severe hyperosmolar dehydration and hypernatraemia were treated, using three regimens of intravenous fluids: A. 1/2 normal saline, given fast; B.1/2 normal saline given slowly; C. 1/5 normal saline. 28 of the infants were studied in a treatment trial, and it is concluded tha 0-18% saline in 4-3% dextrose, with the early addition of potassium given at a rate of 100 ml/kg estimated rehydrated weight per 24 hours gives satisfactory rehydration within 48 hours, with little risk of convulsions.

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