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Generalized seborrhoeic dermatitis. Clinical and therapeutic data of 25 patients.
  1. J Messaritakis,
  2. C Kattamis,
  3. C Karabula,
  4. N Matsaniotis


    Twenty-five infants with generalized seborrhoeic dermatitis have been studied with reference to the provision of optimum treatment. Leucocyte counts and chest x-ray examination are recommended in every case. Irrespective of clinical findings, antibiotics should be given to patients with overt bacterial infection and those with leucocytosis, shift to the left, and toxic granulation. One group of infants was treated with vitamin B complex plus biotin given slowly intravenously over 24 hours; a second group was given only biotin intravenously over 2-3 hours; and a third group only biotin over 1-2 minutes. A fourth group was treated with both biotin and antibiotics for confirmed or suspected superimposed bacterial infection. The results were excellent in all groups. Skin lesions improved within 4-8 days and cleared completely within 15-30 days. Intravenous administration of biotin is recommended as less painful and less dangerous than multiple intramuscular injections.

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