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Mite-sensitive asthma of childhood
  1. J. K. Sarsfield,
  2. G. Gowland,
  3. Rosemary Toy,
  4. Audrey L. E. Norman

    Trial of avoidance measures


    A trial of the effects of measures designed to reduce exposure to house-dust mites was performed on 14 children with mite-sensitive asthma. These measures reduced mite infestation of the beds and were associated with clinical improvement of asthmatic symptoms. Immunological studies revealed a tendency for levels of total serum IgE to fall during the course of the trial, but no such changes were apparent in the levels of anti-mite specific serum IgE. Possible reasons for this discrepancy are discussed.

    The conclusion of the study is that the use of a plastic mattress cover and the other inexpensive and harmless avoidance measures described should be advised for all asthmatic children with evidence of mite-sensitivity before resort to drug prophylaxis or hyposensitization procedures.

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