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Screening for cystic fibrosis by examination of meconium
  1. R. Prosser,
  2. H. Owen,
  3. F. Bull,
  4. B. Parry,
  5. J. Smerkinich,
  6. H. A. Goodwin,
  7. J. Dathan


    The value of detecting albumin in meconium as a screening procedure for cystic fibrosis (CF) has been assessed on 34,228 samples in South Wales and North Staffordshire over a 4-year period; simultaneously, four methods of detecting albumin were evaluated. 12 cases of CF were detected, detection rate being 60%. The incidence of the disease in the population screened was 1 in 1850, confirmed by clinical and other test procedures. Cases of CF without impairment of pancreatic function are likely to be missed by screening methods which depend on the presence of albumin in meconium.

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