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Haemolytic-uraemic syndrome
  1. P. M. V. van Wieringen,
  2. L. A. H. Monnens,
  3. E. D. A. M. Schretlen

    Epidemiological and clinical study


    Between January 1965 and December 1970, 212 patients with the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome in the Netherlands were analysed in an epidemiological and clinical study of the disease. The disorder typically occurs in early infancy, in children without antecedent illness. The majority of the patients were younger than 4 years. The incidence of the disease in the Netherlands is increasing. The disease occurs throughout the year but peak incidences were noted during the late spring and early summer. Apart from this seasonal influence there was a geographical clustering. The possible relation of the epidemiological features of the syndrome to a viral aetiology is discussed.

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