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Accidental head injury in childhood
  1. D. L. Jamison,
  2. H. H. Kaye


    Over a 2-year period 857 children were admitted to hospital with head injuries, representing 16% of all admissions—73% of all children with injury—and occupying 3727 bed-days. Operation was required in 6% of cases, 1·5% were left with residual neurological deficit, and 1·5% died. The epidemiology is presented in detail and it is noted that 66% of admissions occurred when medical and ancillary staff on immediate duty were limited. A more selective approach to the timing and taking of skull x-rays is urged. The retention of British Standard Time (one hour fast on G.M.T., darker mornings) through the winter did not increase the number of admissions due to head injury.

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