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Reliability of transcutaneous monitoring of arterial Po2 in newborn infants
  1. Renate Huch,
  2. Dietrich W. Lübbers,
  3. Albert Huch


    Blood Po2 was measured transcutaneously on skin `arterialized' by means of a heated Po2 electrode. Oxygen diffuses through the relatively thin skin of newborn infants from the outer capillary layer to an electrode fixed to the skin. Arterial changes were registered with approximately a 10-second delay. 41 comparative transcutaneous and arterial Po2 measurements were performed. Transcutaneous Po2 values correlated quite well with arterial values within the whole Po2 range, the correlation being particularly satisfactory in the Po2 range below 100 mmHg. The method is suitable for long-term monitoring of newborn infants, as it is without risk.

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