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Hyperoxaluria after resection of ileum in childhood
  1. H. B. Valman,
  2. V. G. Oberholzer,
  3. T. Palmer


    Hyperoxaluria was found in 4 of 10 children who had had resection of the ileum. There was no relation between hyperoxaluria and the length of the resection or period since the resection. Previous studies have shown reduced ratios of taurine-conjugated to glycine-conjugated bile salts in the small intestine after ileal resection and we have found low levels of taurine in the urine of these patients. There was no correlation between the urinary taurine level and hyperoxaluria. In view of the variable excretion of oxalate in some patients, the high incidence of renal stones in adults with secondary hyperoxaluria, and the possibility of dietary treatment, regular estimations of urinary oxalate should be performed in children who have had resection of the ileum.

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