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Prevalence of urinary tract infection in children of preschool age
  1. Rosemary Boothman,
  2. M. Laidlaw,
  3. I. D. G. Richards


    1000 children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years were screened for urinary tract infection using a dipslide technique. Significant or doubtful cultures were obtained in 13%, the rate being highest (47%) in children below the age of one year. Higher rates were obtained in girls (16%) than in boys (11%). After serial dipslide and urine examinations, 9 children were considered to have a urinary tract infection. 2 had radiological abnormalities.

    In view of the uncertainty regarding the effect of treatment on the long-term prognosis of children with asymptomatic bacteriuria, it is suggested that the results of controlled studies should be awaited before any recommendation is made concerning the urinary screening of this age group.

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