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Neurological complications of pertussis inoculation
  1. M. Kulenkampff,
  2. J. S. Schwartzman,
  3. J. Wilson


    Findings are presented in 36 children, seen in the past 11 years, who are believed to have suffered from neurological complications of pertussis inoculation (given as triple vaccine). The clustering of complications in the first 24 hours after inoculation suggests a causal rather than a coincidental relation. Possible contributory factors were present in one-third of patients studied and support the view that idiosyncratic features are present in the patients, not the vaccine. A prospective review is urged. It is recommended that pertussis vaccine should not be given to patients with a history of fits, or a family history of fits in first-degree relatives, or to those who have had a reaction to previous inoculations, those who have had recent intercurrent infection, or those with presumed neurological deficit.

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