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Serum and red cell folates, and serum vitamin B12 in protein calorie malnutrition
  1. M. Khalil,
  2. A. Tanios,
  3. M. Moghazy,
  4. M. K. Aref,
  5. S. Mahmoud,
  6. M. el Lozy


    In 22 cases of kwashiorkor, 19 cases of marasmus, and 16 normal controls, red cell folate, serum folate, and serum vitamin B12 were estimated, and the bone marrow and peripheral blood examined. Erythrocyte folate deficiency was shown in 9 cases of kwashiorkor and 7 cases of marasmus. Serum folate deficiency was present in 14 cases of kwashiorkor and 7 cases of marasmus. Megaloblastosis was found in 45% of cases of kwashiorkor and 37% of cases of marasmus. Megaloblastosis and macrocytosis correlated more with erythrocyte than with serum folate deficiency. Serum vitamin B12 levels in children with kwashiorkor or marasmus did not differ from those of normal controls. The role of folate deficiency in the pathogenesis of megaloblastosis in protein calorie malnutrition was confirmed.

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