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Normal size of liver in infancy and childhood
  1. D. Deligeorgis,
  2. D. Yannakos,
  3. S. Doxiadis

    X-ray study


    The longest vertical distance between the upper and lower borders of the liver measured radiologically is suggested for estimating the size of the liver. This parameter, called vertical axis of the liver, was measured in 350 healthy infants and children, and the normal range at different age groups was defined. There was no correlation between palpability of the lower border and vertical axis, which shows that both parameters of the size of the liver depend on the position of the organ, apart from the size.

    Estimation of the vertical axis is suggested as a complementary measurement for cases where the palpability of the lower border of the liver gives values in the upper normal limits but where there are other reasons to suspect that the liver is enlarged.

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    X-ray study