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Meningitis and Encephalitis Associated with Mumps Infection
  1. J. A. Johnstone,
  2. Constance A. C. Ross,
  3. Margaret Dunn

    A 10-Year Survey


    During the 10-year period 1960-69, 137 patients in Ruchill Hospital were diagnosed by clinical and laboratory findings as mumps meningitis. Parotitis was detected in only 51 (37%). There was a male preponderance, 97: 40. 96% of the males were under 10 years old compared with 78% of the females. The peak incidence of patients with meningitis alone was in June-July, parotitis with meningitis was from November to January. All 137 meningitis patients made a good recovery.

    Of the 2 definite cases of mumps encephalitis 1 showed severe psychomotor sequelae.

    More of the total 139 patients showed rising titres to mumps `V' envelope antigen than to mumps `S' nucleoprotein antigen.

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    A 10-Year Survey