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Zonal Colonic Aganglionosis, a Variant of Hirschsprung's Disease
  1. A. G. MacIver,
  2. R. Whitehead


    On a review of 15 cases of Hirschsprung's disease of the colon we have encountered 4 cases of an atypical variant. These 4 cases had a zone of aganglionosis of both intermyenteric and submucous plexuses in the sigmoid colon and, in 1 case, a further zone of aganglionosis in the rectum. Ganglion cells reappeared distal to the sigmoid zone of aganglionosis. A transition zone was not invariably present. The clinical features demonstrated a variability of presentation typical of the more usual form of the disease. The importance of atypical Hirschsprung's disease is discussed from a diagnostic and pathogenetic viewpoint.

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