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Role of Chemical Examination of the Stool in Diagnosis of Sugar Malabsorption in Children
  1. P. Soeparto,
  2. E. A. Stobo,
  3. J. A. Walker-Smith


    Three chemical methods of examination of the stool used in the diagnosis of sugar malabsorption in children, namely, testing for reducing substances with `Clinitest' tablets, pH estimation, and paper chromatography for sugar, were studied and the role of each in making the diagnosis was assessed. The demonstration of an abnormal amount (> ½%) of reducing substances in the stools was confirmed to be a valuable screening test for sugar malabsorption. Stool chromatography was useful in diagnosing the type of sugar malabsorption present, but estimation of stool pH proved to be an unreliable screening test for the diagnosis of sugar malabsorption.

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