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Immigrant Children and the Day-to-day Work of a Paediatrician
  1. M. W. Arthurton


    Frequently born before the arrival of the midwife, Asian children are relatively more often seen in the special care baby unit, in the medical paediatric wards, the burns unit, and at paediatric outpatient clinics from which they more often default than other children. More cases of tuberculosis and rickets have been noted among them. On the other hand, Asian children rarely require an exchange transfusion on account of rhesus incompatibility and are infrequently subjected to tonsillectomy. Their presence in the community undoubtedly increases the paediatrician's work but adds variety and interest to the daily routine and requires the fullest co-operation of the paediatrician with all other persons responsible for child health.

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    • * Based on a paper read to the Annual Meeting of the British Paediatric Association, Scarborough 1970.