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Intestinal Dipeptide Hydrolase Activities in Undernourished Children
  1. Vijay Kumar,
  2. O. P. Ghai,
  3. H. Peter Chase


    Intestinal dipeptide hydrolase enzymes cleave dipeptides into amino acids. In 8 undernourished children with diarrhoea, mean intestinal mucosal glyclyl-proline hydrolase activity was reduced 40%, valyl-proline hydrolase activity 38%, and alkaline phosphatase activity 54%, as compared with 4 controls. The use of hydrolysed proteins or simple amino acid mixtures in the initial treatment of undernourished children is suggested.

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    • * This work was supported in part by Grant Number NS 07537-04 from the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A.