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Aspiration Due to Difficulty in Swallowing
  1. N. Matsaniotis,
  2. J. Karpouzas,
  3. M. Tzortzatou-Vallianou,
  4. E. Tsagournis


    The swallowing mechanism after a propyliodone (`dionosil') swallow was studied in 44 infants, aged 6 days to 6 months, who were admitted during a 6-month period to the Paediatric Clinic of Athens University because of choking spells during feedings or persistent vomiting.

    Twenty-three infants showed aspiration of the opaque material into the tracheobronchial tree.

    The incidence of aspiration was very high. It declined, however, with increasing age, indicating that it is a benign condition which might be related to neuromuscular immaturity in early life.

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