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Idiopathic rhabdomyolysis
  1. D. C. L. Savage,
  2. Mehroo Forbes,
  3. G. W. Pearce


    The clinical, biochemical, and pathological findings in 2 children with idiopathic rhabdomyolysis are reported. Hypocalcaemic tetany, a previously unrecognized complication of severe muscle damage, was seen in one child and was associated with hyperphosphataemia and hyperphosphaturia consequent on the rhabdomyolysis. Respiratory distress and an acute tubular necrosis contributed to her eventual death. The second child recovered; an intracellulr granular material of unknown nature was seen in his muscle biopsy on electron microscopy.

    The literature of idiopathic recurrent rhabdomyolysis occurring in childhood is reviewed.

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