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Treatment of terminal renal failure in children by home dialysis and transplantation
  1. J. M. Boulton Jones,
  2. J. S. Cameron,
  3. M. Bewick,
  4. C. S. Ogg,
  5. S. R. Meadow,
  6. F. G. Ellis


    Eleven children, aged 6 to 17 years, suffering from irreversible renal failure, were treated by regular haemodialysis. This was preparatory to renal transplantation in 6 children. During periods of 8 to 26 months none of these patients have died. Both regular haemodialysis and transplantation present unsolved problems. With dialysis, the relation between the diet, amount of dialysis, growth, and sexual development have still to be worked out. With transplantation, better ways of achieving good and controlled immunosuppression must be found. In both types of treatment, the psychological and social trauma to both the patients and their families must be evaluated and treated.

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