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Transection of Spinal Cord
  1. Stanford T. Shulman,
  2. John D. Madden,
  3. John R. Esterly,
  4. Douglas R. Shanklin

    A Rare Obstetrical Complication of Cephalic Delivery


    A newborn infant, delivered following mid-forceps rotation, presented with apnoea, anaesthesia below the level of the mid-neck, and flaccid quadriplegia. At necropsy there was transection of the cord, and atlanto-occipital and atlantoaxial dislocations. Cord injury usually follows breech presentation, the lesion is in the lower cervical or upper thoracic segments, and results from excessive traction. By contrast, in the rare cases following cephalic delivery, the lesion is most often in the upper cervical cord and probably results from rotational forces.

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    A Rare Obstetrical Complication of Cephalic Delivery