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Comparison of Serum Growth Hormone Levels after Bovril and Insulin Stimulation
  1. D. B. Grant,
  2. Doreen Jackson,
  3. S. Raiti,
  4. Barbara E. Clayton


    Serum growth hormone (HGH) levels were estimated in 60 children during Bovril and intravenous insulin tests. The results of the two tests correlated well. 37 subjects had HGH levels over 10 μIU/ml. during both tests, and 18 subjects failed to respond to either test. 4 subjects showed minor discrepancies between the results of the two tests, and one child with the emotional deprivation syndrome had a good response to insulin but no significant rise in serum HGH during her first Bovril test. It was concluded that the two tests were of comparable value in the assessment of children with suspected growth hormone deficiency, and that the Bovril test had the advantages of being safe and avoiding intravenous administration.

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