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Albumin Excretion as a Measure of Glomerular Dysfunction in Children
  1. T. M. Barratt,
  2. P. N. McLaine,
  3. J. F. Soothill


    The urine albumin/creatinine concentration ratio (UA/UC) and the albumin excretion rate per unit weight (UAV/Wt) have been compared with the theoretically ideal parameter for measuring glomerular damage, clearance of albumin/clearance of creatinine (CA/CC), using a simple sensitive immunochemical technique for albumin. It is shown that UA/UC on random urine specimens can be as satisfactorily used to predict CA/CC as UAV/Wt. Normal data over a wide range of body size of this simple parameter are presented; higher values in the newborn reflect increased permeability of the neonatal glomerulus.

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