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Cerebro-costo-mandibular Syndrome
  1. B. McNicholl,
  2. B. Egan-Mitchell,
  3. J. P. Murray,
  4. J. F. Doyle,
  5. J. D. Kennedy,
  6. L. Crome

    A New Familial Developmental Disorder


    Three sibs with a hitherto unreported syndrome are described, the main features being mental handicap, palatal defects, micrognathia, and severe costovertebral defects, involving segmentation of most ribs and fusion of their dorsal ends to the vertebral bodies. In addition one infant had hypoplasia of an elbow together with defects of sacrum and coccyx; she and one other sib had minor dental defects. The syndrome is potentially lethal in the neonatal period; one of the sibs has survived. The inheritance is probably autosomal recessive.

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    A New Familial Developmental Disorder