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Treatment of Neuroblastoma with Vitamin B12
  1. M. J. S. Langman

    A Report to the Working Party* of the Medical Research Council


    A retrospective study of treatment given to 108 children with neuroblastoma failed to confirm that vitamin B12 therapy is beneficial. 43 of 47 children whose treatment did not include vitamin B12 are known to have died, compared with 56 of 61 children who received the vitamin in addition to other treatments. 2 children who received vitamin B12 as their only treatment were alive and well six years later, but this apparently favourable response could well be ascribed to spontaneous remission of the tumour.

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    A Report to the Working Party* of the Medical Research Council


    • * Members of the working party were: Professor W. Gaisford' Professor D. A. G. Galton, Professor Sir Alexander Haddow Professor Sir Austin Bradford Hill, Professor Sir A. Moncrieff Dr. Edith Paterson, Professor R. W. Scarff, Professor Sir Brian Windeyer, the late Mr. G. H. Macnab and the late Dr. M. Bodian.

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