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Maternal Milk and Serum Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, and Protein Levels in Indian Subjects
  1. V. S. Jathar,
  2. S. A. Kamath,
  3. M. N. Parikh,
  4. D. V. Rege,
  5. R. S. Satoskar


    Serum vitamin B12 and folic acid activity levels were studied in 47 mothers. The mean serum vitamin B12 value in non-vegetarian mothers was 228 μμg./ml. ± 38·9 SE, as compared to mean values 97 μμg./ml. ± 20·7 SE in lacto-vegetarians. There was no significant difference in folic acid levels, haemoglobin, and total proteins among the different dietetic groups. Analysis of milk revealed mean vitamin B12 values of 103 μμg./ml. in non-vegetarians as compared to 91 μμg./ml. in lacto-vegetarians; the difference was not statistically significant. Mean total protein and folic acid levels for milk were similar in different dietetic groups. The figures obtained for vitamin B12 content of human milk in these mothers are considerably lower than those reported in similar studies from Western countries.

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