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Effects of Corticosteroids on Distribution of Histamine in the Blood of Asthmatic Children
  1. J. F. Porter,
  2. J. A. Young,
  3. R. G. Mitchell


    Blood and plasma histamine levels, together with circulating basophil and eosinophil counts, were estimated in a group of asthmatic children.

    Short-term studies were carried out on 7 patients, each of whom was given a single dose of corticosteroid, and the effects of the hormone were monitored for periods of up to two hours. Usually a fall occurred in the whole blood histamine level, basophil count, and eosinophil count, but no change occurred in the plasma histamine level, which remained very low throughout.

    In 3 cases, follow-up studies showed that in 2 cases out of 3, whole blood histamine levels were lower during treatment with corticosteroids, than when steroids were not being given.

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