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Role of Disodium Cromoglycate ('Intal') in Treatment of Childhood Asthma
  1. R. S. Jones,
  2. M. I. Blackhall


    The clinical and physiological responses to disodium cromoglycate have been examined in 77 children with asthma.

    Those in whom definite clinical benefit was observed were the highly labile (Group 2) subjects with normal or near normal ventilatory function between attacks. 60% of these responded well and since they constitute 80% of children with asthma who attend hospital, approximately half of those children may be expected to benefit. The response in the severe (Group 3) asthmatics, with impairment of function between attacks, was poor, only one-quarter deriving benefit.

    Disodium cromoglycate is not indicated in mild (Group 1) asthma.

    Disodium cromoglycate is a valuable drug in the treatment of childhood asthma in suitably selected subjects. No important side-effects or tissue reactions have been observed.

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