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An overview of the main messages from key data on young people’s health in the UK


Having access to good data on the health of 10–24 year olds is essential for targeting services and improving health outcomes for this age group. We identify the main UK population level data compendiums that include young people, outline some clear messages those data tell us about the state of youth health and suggest what this means for setting priorities for policy and practice.

Although 10–24 year olds in the UK are generally in good health, the data reveal some trends that suggest the need for more prevention and early intervention during adolescence and early adulthood to protect their health now, their future health and the health of their own families later down the line. Particular concerns include preventable mortality, mental health trends, rates of obesity and the need to promote self-management of long-term conditions arising in the transition to adulthood.

  • adolescent health
  • child health
  • healthcare disparities

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