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Menstrual poverty and menstrual equity

Lucina is the title given to Juno who was the Roman goddess of fertility, childbirth, and child development. The title also associates these names to the light and cycles of the moon associated with female fertility. So, it is appropriate that this column highlights the issue of menstrual poverty. Menstrual poverty is the inability to acquire menstrual materials and has an impact on school or work attendance, quality of life and can perpetuate poverty. This was a subject that Lucina was not completely aware of. So, it is helpful that Bedrick BS et al (Pediatrics 2023:151:e2022058172) have provided an interesting commentary about this topic. Screening questions have been suggested; ‘What materials do you use to manage your period?’, ‘How often do you not have enough materials to manage your period?’, ‘What do you do when you need materials but do not have them?’ ‘Have you ever missed school or other activities because you did not have enough materials?’ Perhaps consider these questions when dealing with young female adults in your clinic. There’s an interesting commentary …

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