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September 2022 - Volume 107 - 9

Highlights from this issue

  • Atoms (18 August, 2022) Free
    Nick Brown



Clinical law for clinical practice


Global child health

  • Acceptability of different oral dosage forms in paediatric patients in hospital setting (19 November, 2021) Free
    Varsha Pokharkar, Manjusha Sajith, Thibault Vallet, Shruti Akshantal, Rathin Shah, Fabrice Ruiz, Smita Salunke

    Acceptability of medicines is routinely studied in Europe and North America, but there is little data from other nations. This study examines the acceptability of liquid and tablet forms of medicines in children in India, highlighting key challenges.

  • Randomised controlled trial of fosfomycin in neonatal sepsis: pharmacokinetics and safety in relation to sodium overload (25 January, 2022)
    Christina W Obiero, Phoebe Williams, Sheila Murunga, Johnstone Thitiri, Raymond Omollo, Ann Sarah Walker, Thaddaeus Egondi, Borna Nyaoke, Erika Correia, Zoe Kane, Silke Gastine, Karin Kipper, Joseph F Standing, Sally Ellis, Mike Sharland, James Alexander Berkley

    A trial of Fosfamycin in combination with standard antibiotic therapy in newborn sepsis which established the dose that is appropriate in preterm and term neonates.

Original research

  • The role of screening and surveillance in the detection of childhood vision impairment and blindness in the UK (5 May, 2022)
    Ameenat Lola Solebo, Lucinda Teoh, Jugnoo Sangeeta Rahi

    Data from the British Childhood Visual Impairment and Blindness Study 2 is examined in this study, focusing on the patterns of detection for childhood visual impairment. A significant percentage of children with visual impairment were found to have had no reported visual symptoms at the time of diagnosis, highlighting the need for vigilance for these problems in at risk children.

  • Paediatric brain MRI findings following congenital heart surgery: a systematic review (22 March, 2022)
    Fatmah Jamal Alablani, Hoi Shan Asia Chan, Lucy Beishon, Nikil Patel, Alanoud Almudayni, Frances Bu'Lock, Emma ML Chung

    This systematic review has examined the relative incidence of new post-operative brain MRI findings following paediatric congenital cardiac surgery. The conclusion suggests that surgery approximately doubles the number of patients with new brain lesions.

  • Gestational age and risk of intellectual disability: a population-based cohort study (25 April, 2022)
    Weiyao Yin, Nora Döring, Monica S M Persson, Martina Persson, Kristina Tedroff, Ulrika Ådén, Sven Sandin

    In this large retrospective study, the authors explore the relationship between gestational age on a week-by-week basis and the risk of intellectual disability. This analysis provides further evidence of the potential adverse consequences of even moderate prematurity

  • Parental and physician disagreement on help-seeking in paediatric case scenarios (29 March, 2022)
    Sarah Visscher, Karlijn van Stralen, Jaan Toelen, Peter de Winter

    This study found parents and professionals had significantly different knowledge and perspectives about appropriate help-seeking for unwell children. Awareness of these gaps could empower parents and improve safety-netting communication.


  • Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 positivity in infants with bronchiolitis: a multicentre international study (15 June, 2022)
    Giorgio Cozzi, Luisa Cortellazzo Wiel, Alessandro Amaddeo, Antonio Gatto, Manuela Giangreco, Adi Klein-Kremer, Samantha Bosis, Davide Silvagni, Carla Debbia, Laura Nanni, Sara Chiappa, Marta Minute, Ilaria Corsini, Giuliana Morabito, Anna Jolanda Gortan, Marco Colombo, Federico Marchetti, Davide Garelli, Arianna Piffer, Fabio Cardinale, Nitai Levy, Antonietta Curatola, Bojana Gojsina, Suvradeep Basu, Egidio Barbi, Aleksandar Sovtic

    During the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, very few infants with SARS-CoV-2 had bronchiolitis and mostly displayed a mild clinical course. Overall there was a marked decrease in bronchiolitis cases, indeed the RSV winter epidemic did not occur.