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August 2022 - Volume 107 - 8




Clinical law for clinical practice

Paediatric emergency medicine

  • Cost-effectiveness of patient observation on cranial CT use with minor head trauma (22 February, 2022)
    Sonia Singh, Stephen Hearps, Daniel K Nishijima, John Alexander Cheek, Meredith Borland, Stuart Dalziel, James Holmes, Nathan Kuppermann, Franz E Babl, Jeffrey S Hoch

    Using a cohort of 18,471 children <18 years with Glasgow Coma Scale scores 14-15 presenting less than 24 hours after blunt head trauma, the authors estimated the cost-effectiveness of planned observation on the adjusted mean costs per child and CT use reduction. They found that planned ED observation in selected children with minor head trauma is cost-effective for reducing CT use for the PECARN intermediate-risk and high-risk categories.

Global child health

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