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July 2022 - Volume 107 - 7


Global child health

  • Children living with disabilities are neglected in severe malnutrition protocols: a guideline reviewEditor's Choice (4 February, 2022) Free
    Magdalena Engl, Paul Binns, Indi Trehan, Natasha Lelijveld, Chloe Angood, Marie McGrath, Nora Groce, Marko Kerac

    This paper outlines the case for more inclusion of children living with disability in clinical guidelines for severe malnutrition, as malnutrition is common in children with neurodevelopmental disability and requires some different approaches.

  • World Health Organization and knowledge translation in maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition (30 December, 2021) Free
    STAGE (Strategic Technical Advisory Group of Experts), Trevor Duke, Fadia S AlBuhairan, Koki Agarwal, Narendra K Arora, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Zulfiqar A Bhutta, Fred Binka, Arachu Castro, Mariam Claeson, Blami Dao, Gary L Darmstadt, Mike English, Fadi Jardali, Michael Merson, Rashida A Ferrand, Alma Golden, Michael H Golden, Caroline Homer, Fyezah Jehan, Caroline W Kabiru, Betty Kirkwood, Joy E Lawn, Song Li, George C Patton, Marie Ruel, Jane Sandall, Harshpal Singh Sachdev, Mark Tomlinson, Peter Waiswa, Dilys Walker, Stanley Zlotkin

    Members of the World Health Organization's Strategic and Technical Advisory Group of Experts shares some insights on their approach to knowledge translation to improve child health worldwide.

Paediatric emergency medicine

Clinical law for clinical practice


Original research


  • Long COVID (post-COVID-19 condition) in children: a modified Delphi process (1 April, 2022)
    Terence Stephenson, Benjamin Allin, Manjula D Nugawela, Natalia Rojas, Emma Dalrymple, Snehal Pinto Pereira, Manas Soni, Marian Knight, Emily Y Cheung, Isobel Heyman, CLoCk Consortium, Roz Shafran

    How might one understand long covid in children? One way is to arrive at a consensus on a research definition. The authors describe a modified Delphi approach, which included people with lived experience, research and service delivery.

Drug therapy