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BReATHE interventions (Beating Regional Asthma Through Health Education)—an innovative approach to children’s asthma care in the North East and North Cumbria, UK: an interventional study


To objective of this project was to reduce unplanned hospital admission rates in children related to asthma to the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals National Health Service Trust (NUTH).

Multiple educational interventions were introduced both locally and regionally including: a collection of educational materials aimed at young people and families, schools, primary care and secondary care on the website; regional training days; a nurse-led one-stop clinic; a new pathway following an acute attendance to hospital with an asthma attack; a local asthma service and cascade training for schools.

The primary outcome measure was reduction in unplanned hospital admission rates in children due to asthma to the NUTH.

Results showed that admission rates had been increasing at a sustained rate of approximately 30% each year in the 3 years prior to our intervention. After the Beating Regional Asthma Through Health Education interventions, unplanned admissions to NUTH reduced by 29% and this reduction has been sustained for the last 3 years. This compares with a regional increase of 10% over the same time period.

In conclusion, simple but effective educational interventions resulted in a significant and sustained reduction in unplanned asthma admissions to NUTH. Further work is underway to extend the reach of these interventions into primary care and schools.

  • adolescent health
  • information technology

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