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Transforming the earth

David Isaacs, editor of the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health should be congratulated on the recent volume of the journal which is focused on climate change. Lucina really loved the paper on agriculture, the anthropocene and human health by Charles Massey (JPCH 2021;57:1819–1825). This study examined the impact of the emerging field of regenerative agriculture in addressing the mounting negative planetary and human health challenges. Structured interviews in social research of over 80 regenerative farmers and industrial farmers develops the idea of cultural dysevolution, a return to healthy regenerative agriculture, with foods rich in diverse nutrients and free of novel chemicals, provides a clear pathway to begin healing both the planetary systems and humans. Not only can regenerative agriculture be a major contributor in regenerating seven of the destabilised earth systems, but that by enabling healthy landscapes (especially a living soil) to healthily function again and without human-made chemicals, then this can have a major positive impact on addressing the alarming and exponential rise of modern human diseases.

Sexuality among adolescents with intellectual disability: balancing autonomy and protection

What is the paediatrician’s role in advising families who are sharing the care of a child or young adult …

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