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273 Prevalence of upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopies at the pediatric clinic of the clinical hospital center rijeka from 2007 to 2017
  1. Iva Dumančić,
  2. Kristina Baraba Dekanić,
  3. Ivona Butorac Ahel,
  4. Goran Palčevski
  1. Pediatric Clinic of the Clinical Hospital Rijeka, Rijeka


Aim The aim of the study was to determine the frequency of individual indications, total number of esophagogastroduodenoscopies (EGDS) and pathohistological (PH) findings at the Pediatric Clinic, Clinical Hospital Center ( CHC ) Rijeka. The frequency of therapeutic interventions for foreign body extraction, the most common types of ingested objects, the frequency of ingestion of acid and alkalis, and the placement of PEG were also considered.

Materials and Methods The medical records of all patients undergoing EGDS from January 2007 to December 2017 were reviewed retrospectively. In the analysis of the obtained data, the reasons for performing EGDS in each patient were recorded. The sample for PH analysis was taken based on the assesment of the physician who performed the examination (pediatric gastroenterologist).

Results The total number of examinations performed was 1022. The most common indications for EGDS were: dyspepsia 32% (n =327), abdominal pain 21% (n= 211), and celiac disease 16% (n = 166). The most common endoscopic findings were : gastritis 50% (n =450), normal findings 35% (n = 325) and esophagitis 9% (n= 84). The most common PH findings were: normal 43% (n = 390), gastritis 23% (n=210), and duodenitis 15% (n =133). Of the total number of examinations, endoscopy was therapeutic in 10% (n= 98) of cases. The most common therapeutic indications were: foreign body ingestion 5% (n =51), PEG placement 3% (n= 35), and acid and alkali ingestion 1% (n=12).

Conclusion The results obtainted are consistent with those of other studies and may indicate areas for additional education of staff and a starting point for future research on the topic.

  • children
  • upper endoscopies
  • university hospital

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