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P61 Patient perspectives on switching to an infliximab biosimilar in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease (PIBD)
  1. Fatima Yaqub1,
  2. John Fell2,
  3. Joanne Crook2
  1. 1Imperial College London
  2. 2Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals NHS Trust, London


Aim To establish patient perspectives on switching to an infliximab biosimilar, which will enable the PIBD team to improve patient experience during future biosimilar switches.

Methods Families of patients receiving treatment with an Infliximab biosimilar (Remsima®) 2 years after switching from the originator (Remicade®) were selected from the active patient database for telephone interview. One family who chose not to switch was also included for interview. A 5-question interview was prepared, which asked parents to rate their overall experience according to a satisfaction rating scale from 1–5. Parents were asked about their knowledge of reasons for switching, if they needed to look up additional information resources and, finally, ways to improve the switching process.

Results 18 patients were identified, 16 parents were available for interview. 13 parents gave overall positive feedback with satisfaction scores of 4 or 5 on the numerical satisfaction scale. 3 parents were dissatisfied with the switching process, giving scores of 0, 1 and 3. This resulted in an average satisfaction score of 4.1. The majority of satisfied parents had little knowledge of the switch, not remembering details and indicating the switch was best performed this way. Nonetheless, most recognised costs as the reason for switching. The majority of parents did not need to look up additional information resources, 2 parents named The Crohn’s and Colitis Charity and Facebook support groups as useful resources. Two dissatisfied patients requested to switch back to Remicade® therapy due to side effects. The family of the patient who chose not to switch made this decision because Remsima® was not yet available in the United States, where they also received treatment.

Conclusion Biosimilar biologics continue to be approved by the EMA as originators come off patent. Efficacy of infliximab biosimilars in paediatric IBD patients is extrapolated from adult rheumatology data, with limited long term outcome data.1 2 Successful switches for NHS trusts lead to financial benefits; these savings allow for NHS investment to enable more patients to be treated.3Patient autonomy and, in paediatrics, parental views must be respected during this switching process. The majority of interviews with parents were positive, re-affirming the process of this switch. Parental perceptions of side effects attributed to Remicade® highlight the importance of discussing realistic outcomes of therapy with both the originator and biosimilar. When questioned, the parent who refused to switch explained that they did not have faith in the efficacy of the biosimilar and had major concerns of treatment failure. A fear of treatment failure may be described as a ‘nocebo’ effect 4 which hypothesises that negative attitudes incur less effective results. Increasing our awareness of patient perceptions on switching biosimilars and monitoring reasons for switch failure will better inform us going forward with future biologic switches.


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