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Does birth season influence the likelihood of you getting asthma?

Does the month of birth influence whether a child is likely to develop asthma? Lucina has often wondered if you are born in the summer, you are more likely to be exposed to the winter viruses as an infant and does this contribute to the likelihood of developing asthma? Goldberg S et al . [Pediatric Pulmonology 2020;55:1111–1115. DOI:] have examined the medical records of over 1 000 000 army conscripts. They investigated the relationship between birth season and asthma by examining the medical records of consecutive 17‐year‐old conscripts, born between 1978 and 1999 who were undergoing medical evaluation before their military service. The prevalence of asthma among conscripts was calculated according to the season of birth and showed that asthma current prevalence was 6.6% of the males and 5.8% of the females. Asthma prevalence was highest among those born in the summer and was approximately 9% higher in women and 6% higher in men than those born in the winter. Those born in the winter had the lowest prevalence of asthma. June was the birth month with the highest prevalence of asthma in both genders together with September among males. They concluded that if you were born …

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