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December 2020 - Volume 105 - 12


Global Child Health

  • Paediatric snakebite envenoming: the world’s most neglected ‘Neglected Tropical Disease’? (30 September, 2020) Free
    Sophie Pach, Jacqueline Le Geyt, José María Gutiérrez, David Williams, Kalana Prasad Maduwage, Abdulrazaq Garba Habib, Rafael Gustin, María Luisa Avila-Agüero, Kyaw Thu Ya, Jay Halbert

    The first of a 2 part series highlights the global epidemiology of snakebite among children, disproportionately affecting children in rural areas of low and middle income countries. As with all Neglected Tropical Diseases, there is an inverse relationship between the local disease burden and resources available to prevent and manage snakebite.

  • Neonatal cardiac surgery in low resource settings: implications of birth weight (27 July, 2020) Free
    Chamith Mendis Gunasekara, Katie Moynihan, Abish Sudhakar, Gopalraj Sumangala Sunil, Brijesh P Kotayil, Praveen Reddy Bayya, Raman Krishna Kumar


Paediatric emergency medicine

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