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129 How health and care professionals use goal setting after attending me first training to apply child and young person (CYP) centered communication
  1. Rachel Naunton
  1. GOSH


We want to make sure that Me first communication training is useful and effective in clinical practice. At the end of every training session we ask each delegate to set a SMART goal about how they will apply their learning to their practice to help them to have a positive impact on their communication with CYPs. We follow up with delegates via email eight weeks after training to remind them of their goals and ask how they are getting on.

We reviewed feedback we received from delegates between July 2015 and July 2019 about how they have progressed towards their Me first goals. We received thirty-three responses via email (see table 1 for results). Twenty delegates achieved their goals and three did not achieve their goals. Four responded saying they hadn’t achieved their goal but had achieved other successes in relation to Me first training. Five provided mixed responses with their goals being partially achieved.

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The feedback provided was useful because reading about progress and challenges some delegates face helps us to reflect on our teaching to improve the training. The feedback was also motivational for Me first trainers as it provided evidence that delegates are applying their learning in practice.

‘Achieving’ a goal and professional development is an ongoing process. We want delegates to continue to work towards their goals so that their learning is ongoing and effective. To help delegates to achieve this, we encourage delegates to use the quality improvement technique the PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycle to continue to review and develop their goals. We also have a Communication Champions network to provide ongoing learning and support about CYP centered communication.

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