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111 Implementing an education and training programme within a clinical research facility and its impact on staff and patient safety
  1. Stephanie Tingley
  1. GOSH


The role of the PE in R&I covers approximately 30 clinical and 60 non-clinical staff around the trust. The absence of a PE for 13 months with a near complete change in staff and clinical demands required a review of the current resources in place. The poster will demonstrate the feedback tools used, examples of data collected and the education and training plans implemented as a result.

Data was collected to understand the benefits seen so far from the clinical educator and what the staff would like to see more of on the shop floor. The education pathway for the year was shaped around this data. Now with an understanding of the current need of the unit; bedside support, regular teaching sessions, visibility on the ward, a link to the wider trust and more was implemented.

This resulted in:

  • Standardised induction

  • Feedback to the management team

  • More confident staff requiring less guidance from the senior team

  • Changing themes within the data collection tool

  • A culture of sharing knowledge by implementing ‘One Minute Wonders’

  • Valuing staff

  • Improvement in safety and quality

The feedback from data collected has been insightful, wholly positive and constructive. It has been able to assess the temperature on the ground using real time data. It has provided evidence to demonstrate need and add weight to a rationale for service and procedure changes.

The first year of the clinical educator was a lot about implementation, this year is about consolidation and embedding a culture of life long learning.

The future of education in R&I:

  • Develop simulation

  • Add research competencies to GOLD

  • Provide external courses

  • Create a structured education map and training gant chart for the year


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