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107 Strategies for engaging staff while running complex research trials on the ward
  1. Natasha Carroll1,
  2. Nina Taylor2,
  3. Kate Morgan1
  1. 1Great Ormond Street Hospital
  2. 2GOSH


This poster aims to outline the strategies used to engage staff while running a complex research trial on the ward.

Prior to the start of the study the needs of ward and research staff were assessed and a number of plans put in place. Training packages were designed and delivered. A poster was displayed showing the responsibilities of different teams. An information folder was created and kept on the ward with contact numbers, details about the research study and treatment plans.

Once the study completed a de-brief was organised, all staff had the opportunity to feedback their experiences. From this feedback plans were put in place to prepare for the next patient. This included; assessing the impact of the trial on the patient and family and assessing if psychological support is required early on. Consider the amount of potential interventions on the patient and whether these can be grouped or limited. Creating a flow sheet that allows the bedside nurse the autonomy to make decisions and follow a plan. Ensuring staff have further training sessions at away days and induction to build on their knowledge. Displaying a research board in the staffroom with updates on the study. Ward staff to run sim sessions related to speciality patients. Nursing ratios of research patients to be agreed ahead of time to allow ward staff to allocate appropriately. Research and ward rotas to be shared so that nurses know ahead of time.

Overall the strategies in place aid better communication between teams and ensure the patient journey is a positive one. Even though this was paramount at the start of the study the feedback demonstrated that more efforts between both teams were required. Various styles and methods of communication will be beneficial in engaging ward staff and realising the research hospital vision.

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