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106 The impact of practice educator lead franchised and foundation courses
  1. Francesca White,
  2. Clare Solomons
  1. GOSH


Introduction Part of the Practice Educator role is to coordinate and teach on a variety of courses. We see these as essential in allowing our nurses to provide specialist care. We have a range of franchise modules some of which equip nurse with skills that can be used around the trust such a high dependency and neonatal care, and some of which provides in depth knowledge of particular specialisms. We will demonstrate the three main impacts of the courses which are on nursing and allied health professional workforce, on the patients and Gosh.

Method We have generated quotes and reflections from patients, families and nurses on how the courses run at GOSH impacts on them. We have generated quantitative and qualitative data to highlight the number of attendees internally and externally, and the income.

Results and analysis The results shows how it has made the nurses more confident and competent practitioners. This ensures we are equipping our nursing staff to be expert in the child’s conditions in today’s society where parents are equally becoming the expert.

Our courses have created a better patient experience reported from patients themselves. Our courses allows patients to remain or return to their speciality ward by equipping nurses with the skills to provide High Dependency Care across a selection of wards.

Courses are not only open to internal candidates but to external trusts. This shows that we have created revenue for the organisation, which can be reinvested back into nursing education. Our courses have nurses from all over the United Kingdom which has allowed us to build up increasingly strong nursing links, sharing experiences, offering advice and resources.

Conclusion Overall this demonstrates that the impact courses have on our trust vision of retention, sustainability, and networking with outside the organisation.

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