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103 CYP nursing associate pilot
  1. Sally Robertson
  1. GOSH


Background The government announced the introduction of a new role in England, Summer 2016, a role to bridge the gap between Health Care Support Worker (HCSW) and a Registered Nurse (RN), the Nursing Associate (NA) Role. We built partnerships with 6 other NHS trusts and one academic provider to shape the Children and Young Person (CYP) NA role.

We wrote a bid to Health Education England stating we could support 25 trainees across the partnership, GOSH was the Lead Employer working with other Trusts in their capacity as either employers or placement providers and with our Academic Provider of choice.

All Quality Assured (QA) by Health Education England The only CYP Pilot, a 2 year programme, which commenced January 2017.

Pilot:All Trainees passed Jan 2019 and registered with NMC, including five GOSH Nursing Associates.

Our qualified Nursing Associates wish to buddy future trainees

Next steps: Continued education to embed the role within the trust, further education, and further recruitment and to ensure the role is understood across the trust.

Be able to articulate the difference between a (RN) and a (NA), an RN leads and plans the care for patients, the NAs would always have a nurse to refer to and they deliver the planned care. A review of preceptorship and revalidation is also required.

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