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92 Virtual & augmented reality projects to improve patient experience
  1. Constantinos Panayi
  1. UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street NHS Foundation Trust, London


I am an Ex-G.O.S.H patient and was treated there for a number of conditions. I also studied a 3D Games course at University. I am using my history of being in Hospital, with my knowledge 3D to create Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) projects to improve patient experience for young children in Hospital.

I have created 2 VR projects (figure 1);

  • A VR MRI scan experience: The VR project shows the procedure that the patient will go through so they are aware and informed about the whole process, and are less anxious beforehand. The patient is taken through the procedure by animated characters and a voiceover narrative. Later on in the project, sea-life emerge and swim around the patient, creating a calming and relaxing experience.

  • A VR Morgan Stanley Garden experience: This is designed for patients on isolated wards who do not have the opportunity to leave their room. The patient is sitting in the Morgan Stanley Garden, which comes alive in VR. For the duration of the experience, animals deliver reassuring and thoughtful letters that have been written by former patients. A magical setting relaxes and allows the patient to escape to the Garden.

  • My AR Projects: Although recently developed, this work can be used to show patients different body parts in the real world, through a mobile phone. They can rotate, scale and zoom in to look at the models. These AR projects can also be used for teaching medical students, so they can see a realistic 3D model of the Anatomy, and learn about it in more visual detail.

My years spent at G.O.S.H means that I now wish to give back, which involves creating projects that have a positive impact on people and improve patient experience. The patients are the main focus of everything I do.

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